Profile of Liberty with inscribed fillet  By internet archive book images

Profile of Liberty with inscribed fillet By internet archive book images

Issues in International Finance [Fall 2018]

Class meets:
Tuesday and Thursday 1:00PM-2:15PM

Socsci 6104

Professor: Kim J. Ruhl
Office hours: T/R 2:30PM-3:30PM @ Soc Sci 7444


September 13, 2018
Problem set #1 is posted under week 2. It is due at the end of class on Tuesday 9/18. Have a good weekend!

September 13, 2018
I added a few slides to the fx deck. They are posted as fx-2 under week 1.

September 11, 2018
Office hours are posted. They are Tuesday and Thursday 2:30PM-3:30PM and by appointment.

September 2, 2018
I look forward to meeting you all soon. The syllabus is posted below under the "weekly schedule" part of the page. We will go over it on Thursday, but you might want to take a look before class.

August 31, 2018
Welcome! This page is a work in progress; more coming soon.

Thematic outline

This is the big-picture. Below this outline is a week-by-week schedule for the course. FT refers to International Economics by Feenstra and Taylor.  

FT Chapters 13-15

Exchange rates:
Exchange rate fundamentals
Covered and uncovered interest parity
Purchasing power parity
Money, inflation, and exchange rates
The "trilemma"

FT Chapters 16-18

Balance of payments:
Open-economy national income accounting
Unbalanced trade and national wealth
International borrowing and lending
Intertemporal consumption smoothing

FT Chapters 19-21

Applications of the theory:
Exchange rate regimes
History of exchange rates
International crises
The Euro

Weekly schedule

This week-by-week schedule will be constantly updated. Some topics may take longer than scheduled (and others may take less) but exam and problem set dates will not change. 

[optional] FT Chapter 12

Slides: introduction

Week 0: September 6

FT Chapter 13 (Introduction to exchange rates…)
CNBC on the Turkish Lira

Slides: fx [markup] // fx-ppp

Week 1: September 11 & 13
FX fundamentals // Covered interest parity
Uncovered interest parity // FX data

FT Chapter 14 (Exchange rates I)

Slides: (T) fx-ppp (above) // fx-money

Week 2: September 18 & 20
Purchasing power parity // Real exchange rate
Money and exchange rates in the long run

Due end of class 9/18: PS #1 // Solutions

FT Chapter 15 (Exchange rates II)

Week 3: September 25 & 27
Assets and exchange rates in the short run
The "trilemma"

Practice Exam // Solutions

Week 4: October 2 & 4
Review // Exam I

Due end of class 10/2: PS #2

Week 5: October 9 & 11

Week 6: October 16 & 18

Week 7: October 23 & 25

Due end of class 10/23: PS #3

Week 8: October 30 & November 1

Week 9: November 6 & 8
Review // Exam II

Due end of class 11/6: PS #4

Week 10: November 13 & 15

Week 11: November 20 (no class 12/22)

Week 13: December 4 & 6
     // Review

Due end of class 12/4: PS #5

Week 14: December 11
Exam III