Marchant calculating machine  By internet archive book images

Marchant calculating machine By internet archive book images

Data Analysis (Fall 2018)

I haven't taught a "pure" trade course in awhile. Below is a collection of notes on trade topics and papers that made up parts of old trade courses. My notes are a work in progress; If something doesn't look right, please drop me a line.

Anderson and van Wincoop (2003)

Data // CES primer // Gravity // Armington

Data // Gravity // Armington

Dornbusch, Fischer, and Samuelson (1977)
Eaton and Kortum (2002)

Notes: Ricardian models

Ricardian models

Hopenhayn (1992)
Melitz (2003) // Chaney (2008)
Kehoe, Pujolas, and Ruhl (2016)

Notes: Heterogeneous firms

Heterogeneous firm models

Antras and Yeaple (2013)
Helpman, Melitz, and Yeaple (2004)
Ramondo, Rappoport, and Ruhl (2016)
Antras and Helpman (2004)

Notes: Proximity-concentration // Contracting

Foreign direct investment

Backus, Kehoe, and Kydland (1992)

Notes: Risk sharing

Unbalanced trade